Ring Trip Fault

My phone rings once then stops.....aarrgghh!

Exasperated When a phone line fails, it will simply go dead. However, this is a fault known as ring trip which will allow you to dial out and make calls, but will not allow an outside party to call in. The symptom is one very short ring, and the line when picked up will give only dial tone.
Corrosion This fault is common in Plymouth, Yelverton and Tavistock wiring. When investigating ring trip problems, look for damage to wires running around the exterior of the house, - be aware water could be entering the line from a misplaced staple causing a situation where the resistance between ring and tip could be low enough to cause a problem. If possible look for corrosion 'verdigris' or dust on any conductors inside extension sockets (especially when exposed to higher than normal levels of humidity), and check for faulty telephones and routers.

Before you buy a new phone or pull your hair out....Try this first!

If you have a split Master socket (pictured left) Master Socket very carefully unscrew the lower half of the socket to reveal the test socket.
Test Socket Plug your telephone into the test socket (pictured right) and try ringing your number with a mobile phone. If the phone rings, the problem lies within your property and therefore is your responsibility to repair it. If, however, the phone does not ring (and you've tried another phone) it is almost certain that the fault lies outside your property and therefore will not (in most cases) cost you anything to get repaired.  

If work of any kind is carried out by a BT Openreach engineer to rectify your fault and the fault is not on BT's Network, but with your equipment, you will be charged a call out fee of £129.99*, and an hourly rate per part hour thereafter. If the fault is found to be with the line itself, then these charges will not apply.
These days if the fault lies within the curtilage of your property you will be charged. So if your line break was somewhere along the length of the dropwire - perhaps where it chafed against a tree on your land - then you will be charged to repair this damage.
I strongly advise you fully test and check all your equipment thoroughly before proceeding with logging your fault.

*Your service provider may subsidise this charge.

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